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Perils of the ice...
Today we are in Vehu after an eventful drive from the island of Hailuoto. The ice road to shore was not officially opened but the officials let us drive it as the ice was thick enough to take the weight of a fleet of 2CVs plus the locals had been driving it anyway so it had been tested.

Anyway our lead car hit a step in the ice (around 5 inches) which dented the front wheel and back wheel, ripped the rear bump stop which in turn smashed the rear brake line and then the suspension tie rod eye snapped. So we had a car with 2 punctures and one side sitting 5cm above the ice.

Team 4 donned yellow jackets and whilst one saw to the suspenson the other saw to the brakes. It took one and a half hours to fix but the car did drive to Vehu albeit with no rear brakes as these had to be disconnected ans sealed as we could not repair the brake pipe. I can honestly say this is the first time I have changed wheels and repaired a 2CV whilst on 40cm of ice on the Gulf of Bothnia!!

Posted on 30 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
Heading South...
Headed south yesterday and crossed the Arctic Circle again on the Swedish side. This time there was no fish for Rick!!

Then it was on thru Sweden to the Northern most Ikea in Europe which was in Haparanda.

So we had a wander round, had some Sweedish meatballs and headed on to the island of Hailuoto...
Posted on 30 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
Russia and icicles...
There are icicles on the car. They have been there since Helsinki as the exterior of the car has not got above -5c.

We left our base today and the 2 UK teams west east towards Russia. Henry and Pete's car was tweaked by Rick en route and now seems to be running better.

After an hour or so we were there. There is a no mans land so we could not get to the Russian border but there were enough STOP signs to let us know we should not go further. This did not stop Peter tho as he drove straight past them because the GPS told him to!!

There was a quick photo stop and then we headed for Norway and then back into Finland.

Tonight we are in Hetta and tomorrow we cross the Arctic Circle again and perhaps drive across the sea, that is if the ice is thick enough...
Posted on 28 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
Reindeer day...
Today is reindeer day. We took a trip to a farm and saw these animals,

A quick ride in the snow followed and then it was off to see some more sights.

Team 7 had a little oops on the way and ended up with their car in the snow wall.

No damage and Shayne is now a member of the Snow Wall Society...
Posted on 27 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
Our new home...
Late start today as there is no real program. A light dusting of snow fell which added to the 30cm that is already on the ground.

We are staying at the Finnish Police cottage which is fantastic. Underfloor heating, and very warm.

Tonight is a the degustation evening so everyone has brought some food from their own country. We have haggis and oatcakeds with us so since everyone here has tried the rotten fish haggis will be a walk in the park.

Clear skies just now so the temperature is dropping. With some luck we may see the Northern Lights...
Posted on 26 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr

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