Brookside Cottage
Yeovil Marsh


2 days to go... 5.6c outside.
Almost there...

Oil change today and engine refilled with 0 40 oil.
Tried to fit full length sump guard but it did not fit as the last one fitted an earlier chassis. Louis Barbour to the rescue, (again), and a new one was measured up, drilled, made and fitted. Many thanks Lou (and Doug) for putting up with the Yellow Peril hogging floor and ramp space.

In out thermometer fitted and I managed to get the cabin to 32c. Lets hope it stays like this in Lapland.

Floor insulation to fit tomorrow and then await the arrival of Rick and shoehorn 2 sets of luggage, sleeping bags, tools and 6 spiked tires onto and in a 2CV!

Posted on 15 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
3 days to go...
Lots done today.

•roofrack fitted
•roof insulation fitted
•radio fitted
•oil temp gauge fitted
•CB fitted
•voltmeter and in out thermometer fitted

Then it was off to Wallingford to see the nice guys at www.downendandbenning.co.uk and they made and stuck on the sponsorship graphics.

Fog lights have been found but they are not the ones I was looking for but they will do the job so they can be fitted tomorrow...
Posted on 14 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
4 days to go...
Today saw the relays and lighting wiring installed. Tomorrow I will try to find the lights but in tonights quick search an old radio, speakers and a CB radio were found so these will join the list of things to be fitted.

Also found some lock de icer from the last Raid. Must remember to remove the locking fuel cap as the last thing we need is to have that freeze on the trip,

Another trip to the local builders merchants today for more bits and pieces. I'm beginning to think I should have opened an account!!
Posted on 13 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
5 days to go...
Weekend saw a wheel bearing replaced and yet more cold temperature grease applied to all moving surfaces!!

Tonight was spent at Louis Barbour;'s workshop wiring lights, demisting fans, and checking stuff.

Oil temperature guage appears faulty as it does not read over 45c so a new one has been ordered hopefully will arrive soon

The to do list gets longer and time till we leave gets shorter...
Posted on 12 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
8 days to go...
Road tests have gone well and this afternoon was spent modifying the heating so that one of the spiked spare wheels could sit under the bonet. Paul Tyson kindly lent us his special wheel carrier but with the tyre in place it fouled the heater tube to the driver side windscreen. A trip to the local builders merchant resolved the issue and with some 2.5 inch pipe and some bends heat was resumed.

Tomorrow could be the day we fit the double glazing...
Posted on 09 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr

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