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Day off in Copenhagen
Leisurely day today doing odds and sods.

Studded tyres now on car. Radio has been replaced so we now have sounds (cheers Tim sf). 4 jets changed in the carb. Fingers crossed for proper 2CV economy tomorrow. Extra rear lights now fitted to the car. Food bought, beer bought! Even been into the centre of Copenhagen to see the little mermaid. Tiny, isn't she?

Mark has been busy communicating with the other British car which is having charging problems so we will try and get them fixed tomorrow morning before heading off to Stockholm to catch the evening ferry.

No snow in Copenhagen, just lots of rain, but we've heard that we will see some snow tomorrow so yippee!
Posted on 19 Jan 2009 by Rick Pembro pr
Sunday, So this must be Denmark...
700km today in yet more rain.

Left Duisburg and went to visit my parents in law who lent us some sheepskin rugs for the seats. Tim sf and I used these in the last Raid Laponie and they were very effective at keeping us warm.

Now in Copenhagen and tomorrow is a rest day tho we will still be doing some work on the car. The spiked tyres have to be fitted and then we need to repack the car as there will no longer be 3 tyres in the back.

Initial tweaking to quench the Yellow Perils thirst seems to have worked but Rick thinks there is still more to do.
Posted on 19 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
Tweaking time
It appears that the Yellow Peril has a thirst for fuel so the team have been busy this morning making tweaks to the car. Rick adjusted the float heights, Mark put another studded tyre inside the car (from the roof) and pumped up the tyres to 30psi all round (well, we think we are 1300kgs in weight)!

The drive today is a mere 700kms from Duisburg to Copenhagen. That 4 driver stints and 4 fuel stops.

Saw a small amount of snow on the roadside yesterday evening so getting quite excited now.
Posted on 18 Jan 2009 by Rick Pembro pr
602km done...
Left Woodcote 7.15am. Horrendous drive to Dover, rain, rain rain.

Stormy trip to France but then the weather got better.

2 fuel stops and we got to Duisburg and a welcome dinner at Kathrin and Heiko.

Cheif engineer, aka Rick, recons fuel econoomy is not up to scratch so tomorrow will see an adjustment to carburettor. I'll refit the 3 tyres on the roof and see if they can be made more aerodynamic.

Copenhagen tomorrow...

Posted on 18 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
7 hours to go...
Car half packed and ready to go. Bags of clothes etc will get thrown in in the morning.

Rick arrived in daylight and set to making the secondary lights for the rear of the car.
Had a pause for a curry and then when there was no light Rick went on to make an air deflector for the roofrack so hopefully we will have no roofrack howl.

•Locking fuel cap removed
•bigger battery fitted
•6 spiked tyres on and in the car. (1 under bonnet, thanks again to Paul Tyson for the loan of the carrier, 2 in back of car and 3 on roof.

Off to catch the 11ish boat from Dover in 7 hours.

I'm off to bed. Rick is re-packing. Guess I'll drive the first stint!!
Posted on 17 Jan 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr

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