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Team 4 are back on the island of the UK. 4880 miles (7855km) in 3 weeks.

We came back to snow which was a novelty as we had not seen any since Finland so it was a bit like home from home.

The 2CV is now awaiting dry weather and will then be fully unpacked and given a thorough wash to try to get some of the road salt off of it..

More trip pictures and movies will be added soon...
Posted on 07 Feb 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
Duisburg, Germany
Another day of long and monotonous driving from Copenhagen to Duisburg near Dusseldorf. More than 600kms travelled today, 3 fuel stops, a ferry and zillions of motorway intersections. Exciting I think not!

Got a foretaste of England as it snowed this afternoon. Maybe we´ll be putting studded tyres back on tomorrow evening.

Back in the UK in 24 hours. Over 7000kms in less than 3 weeks - its been quite gruelling.

Posted on 04 Feb 2009 by Rick Pembro pr
After a night on the Swedish Saga tour boat from Turku to Stockholm we met up with David and his Land Rover in the port. He wants to convert from the dark side and get a real 4x4 so over a coffee we had a chat and then he had a look at the Citroen 4x4.

Then it was back on the motorway and a very uneventful drive down to Copenhagen. Sweden is a long country and after the small twitchy roads of the Arctic the long straight motorway got a bit monotonous.

Eventually we got to the ěresundsbron bridge from Sweden to Denmark which was rather good. At 16km long it is certainly impressive.

Tonight's stop is in Copenhagen with my Raid Laponie 2004 co-driver and his wife. Tomorrow the spikes come off and we go back to normal tires but from all accounts the weather south of us is worse than here so perhaps we should keep them on...
Posted on 03 Feb 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
We are now in Vaasa and the 2CV has had some maintenance. En route here we went over the longest bridge in Finland to a small island. There we saw a rather nice sunset.

One of the exhaust manifold gaskets was leaking slightly and since we have a long drive ahead of us we decided to change it.

That was done last night and we are now packing the 2CV in preparation for the trip home. Its only 1850km as the crow flies.

Tonight we catch a ferry from Turki to Stockholm but on the way there we will stop in Pori as that is where the 2013 World 2CV Meeting may be.


Our next update will be from Copenhagen where the studded tyres come off and we go back to standard wheels...
Posted on 02 Feb 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr
It's the last morning and we are at Vehu. Yesterday evening saw the "Enough Drink" and distributing of certificates. We are now Poronkusema Raderi so Rick and I can officially add the letters pr after our name.

We also received a certificate of thanks for being the rescue team as we did recover and repair a few cars on this trip.

The teams are slowly departing their seperate ways but we are off to Vaasa with a few teams and then tomorrow we will begin the 4 day drive South back to England...
Posted on 01 Feb 2009 by Mark Lewis sf pr

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