Brookside Cottage
Yeovil Marsh


UnitedKingdomName: Etheldred
Based: UK
Born: 1992, original shell,only 4 chassis since construction
more than 7 engines and 5 diff',
–––––main box lasted more than 7 years?
Red Mist factor:
3/10 but rising with Guiness!!
Notes: Still waiting on an insurance claim from Richard Dalton who put it on
its side in about 94


Several of its chassis has been sold on to create even more cars.Current owners Little Rich n me. New colour for 09 complete with Acadiane springs, patented steering rack protector, no mod cons and still an original car complete with 2cv4 gearing

Morovan 2007 Etheldred Off road France Easter 2006 Etheldred

Cost to build in excess of £150.000
this includes
•Merc Sprinter
•VW T5 Transporter 4 Motion
•Obligatory Brian Jmaes Trailer
•Hydraulic tube bender
•5 metal saws
•Cods mouth machine ( whatever that is)
•More metal work jigs than i can remember
•and an ongoing boat fund which i'd like to thank everyone for contributing towards, especially Adrian Chapman and Paul Tyson

Off road France Easter Etheldred Off road France Easter Etheldred


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